A Bedtime Book for Adults Addicted to Digital Life

If you have been living an always-internet-connected life and constantly juggle between emails, social sites and smart phones, here’s a new illustrated book – Goodnight iPad – that might inspire you to turn off those gizmos and go to sleep.

This reminds me of the campaign “Day to Disconnect” that encourages people to unplug their gadgets on a particular day and connect with real people.

There’s another popular bedtime book for adults – Go the F* to Sleep – that has topped the best-sellers list of both Amazon and The New York Times. The book does seem to have an innocent cover page but, as seen in the sample pages, it is strictly for grown-ups.

Well if you are addicted to digital life, then i would suggest to switch for a while and think about life. You should allot some time for yourself away from digital life daily. You can even use some software to block internet on your computer and smart phones for a particular time in the day. What’s you views?

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